Supporting people in forensic and detention settings

Voices Unlocked is a Mind in Camden project dedicated to supporting people who hear voices in prisons, secure units and Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs).

The term ‘Hearing Voices’ relates to people who hear things, see things, and sense things other people don’t. These experiences can be positive or neutral, but when they are distressing, they can cause feelings like shame, powerlessness or distress. We work with people to normalise and validate their experiences, and support them in making sense of them.   

We do this mainly through peer support groups, which we train forensic and detention staff to run. These groups are safe, inclusive, non-judgemental spaces which foster hope. Group members can connect with each other, explore ideas, but also share and sit with challenging emotions. These groups are simple yet radical.

For some people, they can be life-changing.


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