New Women’s Prison Project


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded funding from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust to deliver a new project supporting women in prisons, forensic secure units and Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) who hear voices, see visions, have other ‘unusual’ sensory experiences and/or beliefs and mental distress. This innovative project commences in April, and is funded until March 2020.

Over the next three years we’ll be establishing a network of Hearing Voices Peer Support Groups for women in prisons, forensics and IRCs across Greater London, the Home Counties and the Midlands. We’ll be working in partnership with women in these settings to develop a series of bespoke training courses and workshops, which will be rolled out across prisons, secure units and IRCs throughout the UK. We’ll also be working closely with staff, volunteers and other supporters, as well as a range of partner organisations, to develop courses and workshops that meet their training needs.

Building on the success of our peer support groups at HMP Bronzefield and HMP Downview, we’ll be delivering our next Hearing Voices Group Facilitation training on the 12th, 16th and 17th October in London. To express your interest in the course, please e-mail Eve Mundy.

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