Workshops completed, we pass the facilitator baton to staff at HMP Huntercombe!

For the past 3 months, we’ve put on three 2-hour workshops at Huntercombe Foreign National Prison.

Staff attended facilitator training earlier this year. The next stage of getting a group launched was to give men who were interested in attending a Hearing Voices Group an introduction to the ethos and theory.

For our first workshop, we’d prepared to talk about different models of why people hear voices. Whilst this was covered, the workshop organically morphed into a group, the men supported each other when sharing their experience of seeing, hearing or sensing things others don’t.

The following two workshops continued in this vein of having a mixture of theory at the beginning (including coping strategies the men already used, what recovery might mean for them) AND then ending with a hearing voices peer support group.

We now hand the baton over to staff at Huntercombe. We’ll be at the end of a phone or computer to continue our support, we have confidence in you and the men. Good luck!

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