Presentation at the Oxford Migration Studies Society

In February, one of our development workers presented at the Oxford Migration Studies Society about the work that Voices Unlocked does in Immigration Removal Centres. The talk gave an introduction to ‘Hearing Voices’, presenting the Hearing Voices Approach and explaining how it differs from the mainstream bio-medical approach. It then moved on to discuss Hearing Voices in spaces of detention, and Immigration Removal Centres more specifically.


In the Q&A/discussion, students expressed their curiosity about the effects of detention on mental wellbeing. They explained that because they had mainly learned about detention from more abstract political and sociological perspectives, they hadn’t thought so much about the pressures and stresses that individuals in detention are likely to experience. They reflected on how the high levels of uncertainty in Immigration Removal Centres – where, unlike prison, there is no limit to the duration of detention, or known outcome of detention – must be unbearable to live with.

We also had an interesting discussion about ‘intersectionality’ – the overlapping effects of the different categories by which a person is defined. We talked about the intersection of citizenship status (citizen vs non-citizen), race, gender, and mental health status. 

We look forward to future discussions with OMSS!

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