Our work

hopeThe project was established in 2010 with the aim of establishing a network of Hearing Voices groups in prisons and forensic secure units across London. This network, the first of its kind, now includes a growing number of groups in prisons and medium secure units in Greater London,  the Home Counties, the Midlands and the North-East. We have also expanded our scope and have started to work with Immigration Removal Centres.

Why are Hearing Voices groups important?

Hearing things, seeing things and sensing things that others don’t is a common experience in forensic settings.

These experiences can be bewildering, frightening, comforting, or pleasant depending on the individual and the relationship that they have with their voices. Difficulty coping with voices, visions or beliefs can lead people to neglect or injure themselves, and is associated with 1 in 5 self-inflicted deaths in custody (HM Inspectorate of Prisons Thematic Review 2007).

Hearing Voices groups are a well-established means of providing peer-support to people experiencing voices, visions and beliefs. The proven benefits for members include:

  • Decreased stigma
  • Increased understanding of own experiences
  • Decreased distress
  • Increased number and range of coping strategies
  • Increased sense of community
  • Increased hope for the future

Find out more about Hearing Voices Groups here.

What do we offer?

Mind in Camden provide a range of training courses for prisons, secure unit and Immigration Removal centre staff who’d like to set up a Hearing Voices group. We particularly interested in training service users or ex-service users with lived experience of voices, visions or unusual beliefs.

We work alongside staff to plan, launch and sustain their groups, and we provide on-going support, advice and problem-solving. We also offer a range of awareness-raising courses and workshops open to all staff working in prisons and secure units.

On this site you’ll find updates on what we’re up to, the contact details for groups that are running, and ideas on how you can get support. Find out more about Hearing Voices groups here.

Who funds us?

From 2017-2020, our work will be funded by City Bridges Trust, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Sir Halley Stewart Trust and the Tudor Trust.