Our group members say:

The group has made me feel like my life is more worthwhile. l feel like I am making a valid worthwhile step in my recovery.

“You get an insight into the lives of other group members, who you can empathise with, hear their stories. It gets you in touch with people who have left the unit and you get inspired by them.”

“I want to tell you that the Hearing Voices network has saved my life.”

“I have heard other people’s views and what they are saying about their experiences was similar to mine. It made me happy to know I was not alone.”

“I have now been attending the Hearing Voices group for a few months. I’ve been hearing voices for so many years but it is something I always kept to myself as I was too scared to talk about it and it got to the stage where I was concerned about how others would view me or see me. I have at long last reached the stage where I’ve fully come to terms with it, and to be honest coming to the Hearing Voices group is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

I love coming here, listening to others who have the same problem as me. It teaches you how others have become stronger.”