Psychosocial disability?

Today at 4pm GMT (5pm CET) Voice Collective‘s development worker Nikki will be on a panel exploring mental health problems as a disability.

“If you are diagnosed with a mental health problem, this is also recognised as a psychosocial disability. But do people with mental health problems recognise themselves as disabled? Do they want to be? And what support is available for them? What will be the impact of the COVID-19 crisis? How can public health officials make sure young people receive effective support during this time and in the aftermath? Join Euro Youth Mental Health activists as we explore this topic.”

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Our first Zoom training

Voices Unlocked provides many popular trainings for those working [with]in forensic or detention settings and the three day facilitation training, in particular, is central to our aims. Having had to cancel the 3-day training booked for April, we wanted to ensure that those registered were offered something that could help them in their work. With that in mind, on Thursday 30th April we hosted a 3hr ‘Introduction to Hearing Voices’ Zoom training which we hope provided a taster for those wanting to know more about alternative ways of understanding and working with the ‘Hearing Voices’ experience.

‘Zoom’ has quickly become a software that we are all using, whether in a personal or professional capacity (or in that ‘in-between space’ of the virtual pub quiz). As with most initial meet-ups there were a few technical difficulties. Amazon deliveries; involvement of pets; someone being unmuted even though the ‘mute all’ button had been pressed…

In conclusion though, both in the main room and in the breakout rooms we were able to discuss and explore what we understood by the term ‘Hearing Voices’ and why individuals may have these experiences — as well as trying to acknowledge how our frameworks impact our responses to the experience of others.

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LHVN Network Meetings

These meetings are primarily a chance for Hearing Voices Group Facilitators to meet other facilitators, share successes and gain support around challenges. Meetings are open to group members too, if it is possible for them to attend.

Attendees can expect:

  • Project and network News
  • Successes and challenges (feedback from groups around things that have worked well, and things that are difficult. A chance for you to share experiences)
  • Problem-solving (a chance to think through common issues that would benefit from deeper thought. This may include anything from keeping hearing voices groups funded and secure in the current climate, to creating a group that encourages people to take ownership of it)
  • Networking: Plenty of time to socialise and network with other members of LHVN.

Please do let us know if you are attending

The next meet is on the 11th March 2020 from 2pm to 5pm at the Phoenix space in Barnes House, 9-15 Camden Rd. In the second half, we will have Dorothy Gould speaking on ‘Experiences of abuse and hate crime.’

Dorothy is someone with lived experience of mental distress and would describe herself as a survivor of mental health services. She uses her experiences to undertake research and offer presentations and training.  She is an active member of the service user/survivor movement in this country and internationally. She puts a strong emphasis on people with lived experience having full human rights.

She will be describing: 
•    What participants experienced as abuse, or hate crime
•    Why they found it happens and its devastating impacts for them
•    What for them would be the solutions
•    Important differences between their and professionals’ stances and approaches.

Sharing Power: Sustaining the roots of peer support in statutory services

Voice Collective and Voices Unlocked, are teaming up to deliver this free half-day conference

About this Event

Over the last 15 years, Mind in Camden’s Hearing Voices projects have set up Hearing Voices groups and developed critical mental health training/workshops within the ideology of peer support. We’ve included training around how gender identity may impact someones experience in services, launching groups specifically for women and highlighting the importance of inclusivity around trans issues.

We’ve developed groups in a range of settings including: prisons, immigration removal centres, secure units, youth offending services, CAMHS inpatient and outpatient services, and youth centres.

This conference will reflect on the value and challenges of setting up and facilitating Hearing Voices peer support groups in institutional settings.

For more information and to register, visit the event page